Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fishing Friends

Sheila and Dianne

Randy and James

Hi Dall,

I would first like to say Thank You to both you and Jim for 3 wonderful days on the water in Captiva. I grew up staying and fishing at South Seas and when I first went there as a young boy it was only cottages and then the next year they started to build condos. I was very lucky to be able to spend 2 weeks each year for 10 years as a kid going to Captiva on vacation with my family in the late 60’s and 70’s. Some of the best memories of my lifetime. Both my wife and I are native Floridians and Captiva is our favorite place to go. Last year was my first year back in many years and Dianne had never been. We decided to book at Tween Waters Inn a Cottage since South Seas has become such a big commercial resort. Last year we waited too late to try to book a trip with Captain Jim and is why I called early this year to be able to have the chance to be guided by Jim and was truly blessed to have him as a guide all 3 days. Jim was really awesome in bringing those memories back to life for me last week with the places he took us, the fishing that we did and the history he knows and was able to share about the changes over time to the island. This year we invited our friends James and Sheila and they really loved Captiva and the fishing that we did. James had not fished an area like that before only the Keys and he said it was some of the best fishing he has been able to do. We both hunt and fish so really enjoyed being on the boat with Jim and talking and telling stories as well as both of our wives had a great time!

I told Jim that I used to tell my dad when I was a kid that I was going to be a guide in Captiva when I grew up and he would just smile. I wish I had taken that path but we never know where life will lead us. Maybe one day I will have chance to move down to the general area as both Dianne and I love it there. I could not believe when Jim told me Doug Fishers name and I remembered that he was our guide when I was going as a kid and how lucky I was to be able to have someone like Jim to guide us on the water and years of knowledge he has and was able to share. Really a blessing to me!