Monday, September 17, 2012

Success is Sweet

Hi Jimmy.....This is a belated thank you for the great time we had with you
in July.  For my grandson, Stephen (yellow shirt), and his friend Casey,
pulling in a 100 plus 1b. 7 ft. bull shark, couldn't have been more fun.
Stephen, who's been to Sanibel many times with us, told me that it was "his
best trip ever."  You not only know where the fish are, you know exactly how
to make a fishing trip fun for young and old guys alike.  When our friends
saw these pictures, even though the red fish wasn't a bad one, they made it
clear that they knew "who the best fishermen were," and it wasn't grandpa.
We'll certainly be calling you again.  Lowell Beck.            
You have been sent 5 pictures.

September Pictures

The Santiva Saltwater Fishing Team, feel like we are on vacation.  We do not see many visitors during late summer.  School is in session and Florida is not on many minds.

We look forward to October.

Reagan Dollar and Cash

A few weeks back, Santiva Saltwater Fishing Team , shared the story of 4 year old Reagan Dollar daughter of Capt. Bryan Dollar, and her battle with childhood diabetes.  I was touched by the many friends that contacted Santiva wanting to help the Dollar family with the adoption fee needed for Reagan to have  Cash a black lab trained to be a life saving companion for Reagan . 
 If we donate $5.00  for each healthy child in our lives, we could re name "Cash"  "Zero" by the end of 2012 .
 I believe  !!!!!

Capital Bank
Attn: Roxanne, head teller
2209 Santa Barbara Blvd
Suite 101
Cape Coral, FL 33991

or mail to

Reagan Dollar
333 SW 25th Place
Cape Coral, FL 33991

All checks please make payable to Reagan Dollar.