Monday, October 12, 2020

October 2020

The Santiva saltwater fishing team, are looking forward to your trip to Captiva.WE  hope you'll take the time out of your vacation to share it with us by going on one of the many charter options that we offer
Capt. Jim tells me to spend less time talking and more time posting pictures. So here are some happy faces spending time on the water with the team. I want to remind everyone of the moratorium on Snook, redfish and sea trout. Regardless of the size of these pieces they must be returned to the water. The moratorium was placed on these three species after the 2018 red tide in our area. As you can see from the pictures it seems to be working, giving the Fish time to catch back up


Thursday, September 17, 2020

What happen to August ?


 I can't believe how fast time flies, my last blog title is goodbye July. What happened to August ! I know I was here............... I guess this comes with age. (My age) The Santiva Saltwater fishing team are on the water. Of course with school starting we have seen fewer guest, But we can always rely on our "oldies but goodies". We are very fortunate to have customer friends who returned to us each and every year and carry the team through what we call the" off time. "So this is the fishing for September so far.  I missed August altogether, plus unless I point-blank tell the captains to send me pictures they don't think about it. If you're on one of the boats with the Santiva saltwater fishing team and you have some pictures you'd like to see on our blog send them directly to me. You can send them to our email address Santiva, or to my cell number 239-872-2167. I would love to see your pictures, please include the captains name you were with. I hope everyone  is staying safe and we will be seeing you soon.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Good Bye to July 2020

It's been a tough year for us all.  The Santiva Saltwater Fishing Team have shared the same reluctance as every American. Open...Close... how do we keep everyone safe ?  But through it all I am Happy to say,  we have had no one our organization or family come down with the virus. We have meet  more wonderful people this year. Many had never been too Captiva,  more or less forced to change their normal vacation plans.
I have a good feeling we will see many of the new visitors back again.  Santiva's job is to put smiles on faces...........and we were successful.  So good bye to July and hello to August.  Let's all move forward, put Americans back to work, stay safe by using common sense and not fear. EVERY life matters !  And...when you say GOD BLESS AMERICA. ask yourself why should GOD Bless America.  He has been thrown out of America in too many places.

Have you seen a bigger smile ?

Sister Act

Tommy from Chicago

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

You must hold on to your rod

The Santiva Saltwater Fishing Team encourages anglers to hold on tight to their fishing rod !!

a few pictures from July 2020. fishing


Parker from Virginia

Bob from Tallahassee

Tristan from Lake Worth

Jacob from Illinois

Samantha from Kentucky

Bryant from Nashville

Kenneth from Kentucky