Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Does anyone look unhappy ?

 This year the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission(FWC) has placed a moratorium on all Snook, Redfish and Sea Trout.  This decision was made to give our fish a chance to rebound after 2018 red tide issues. So if you catch one of these species on your fishing trip, we must return them to the water.
This was a very good decision and the Santiva Saltwater Fishing Teams backs the moratorium 100%.
Fishing is still fun and a great time for all on our beautiful waters.
Larry and grandson

AJ and family

Over 21

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Santiva Saltwater Fishing Team captains are staying busy .  Summertime means just about anything is possible.

Friday, May 24, 2019

The Jimmys

Santiva captains Jim and Jimmy catching bait together


This little Burnsed is going to be trouble LOL

and that Big Burnsed is why LOL

Congratulations to Abby

Burnsed grand daughter Abby graduated from Evangelical Christian school , Cum Laude with honors
She is a wonderful daughter and grand daughter.  We Love you very much Abby

Hammerhead shark

The Santiva Saltwater Fishing Team wants you to know that the Florida Fish and Wild life Commission placed a moratorium in 2019 on all Snook, Red fish and Sea Trout. This decision was based on the idea to give the species a chance to recover from the fall of 2018 Red Tide.
Capt's. Jim, Jimmy, Rob and Josh assure you that there is still fishing fun to be enjoyed by all

We are blessed to have customer friends

The Santiva Saltwater Fishing Team is blessed to have so many customer friends.  Capt. Jim, Jimmy, Rob and Josh appreciate our returning customers each year.  Thank you
John Dickey and Mike Hall


Capt. Jimmy and Julie

Frosty Choma